About Our Team

‘Who we are’

SWL Training was founded in 2014 by lifting industry professional Kevin Bennison. Kevin has many years of experience in operating cranes and other equipment, as well as planning and supervising a wide range of lifting operations throughout various sectors.

The knowledge gained from working on construction sites, airports, docks, rail projects, petrochemical plants, power stations and even theme parks helps us to ensure we provide the right information to you.

Whether you are seeking training, advice or direct support, SWL Training is adequately equipped and qualified to meet your needs; be it carrying out lifting operations, health and safety matters, legislative compliance or improving competence within the workforce.

‘Our ethos’

Fulfilling the needs and exceeding the expectations of you, our customer, is the driving force behind everything we do. Without you, there is no ‘us’. We are here to serve you.

Every product and service we provide is prepared, delivered, evaluated and adjusted to ensure continuous maximum effectiveness. We don’t do ‘half a job’. If customers are not satisfied with a product, we will not settle until we put that right (although we do our utmost to achieve that from the outset).

The content of our training courses and the methods used are based on being effective in preparing candidates for doing the job, not just for doing the test. The picture is so much bigger than just getting a ticket. We want to build confidence and competence, not just compliance and box-ticking.

We set our prices on the basis of ensuring that customers will feel that they have received high value for their expenditure. There may be cheaper and there may be more expensive for a seemingly similar product, but our desire for quality and service will not be matched.

Customer orientated

Your success is our goal. From before the initial enquiry, through to long after providing a direct service, contributing to your knowledge and competence is what drives us to do more.

Industry expertise

We invest in building on the industry experience of our instructors with continuous development. This enables us to provide you with effective and pragmatic guidance.

Bespoke solutions

Everyone’s needs can be different. Firstly, we listen to you so we can get an understanding of your needs. Then we work on tailoring our services in order to fulfil your requirements.

Innovative methods

Through passion, direct engagement and interaction, we bring our courses to life. Our delivery style and the techniques we use within the training creates a unique learning experience.

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